My 10 Favorite Tools for Holiday Decorating

If you enjoy decking the halls for the holidays and crafting your own Christmas decor you need these 10 useful tools for holiday decorating.

Y’all know I love to decorate my home for the holidays. I basically started an entire blog to share with you my love of home decorating. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than crafting home decor for Christmas from floral arrangements to garlands and ornaments to stockings.

Put on a Hallmark Christmas movie, brew up a cup of hot cider, and dig out all the sparkles, evergreen stems, ribbon, and pretty papers. Now that is my idea of a perfect Friday night!

This isn’t even something I’ve aged into. In college my girlfriends and I use to joke that we majored in whatever our respective academic subjects were but minored in crafting! ?

My tool-kit for holiday decorating

Over the years, I have created a handy kit that stores all my favorite tools for holiday decorating. The kit has a handle and too many pockets to count, so I store all my crafting tools in it, and pick it up and carry it to wherever I happen to be decorating or “DIYing.” Find out what’s in my bag below!

10 Useful Tools for Holiday Decorating:

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No. 1 Pliers

Needle nose and side cutting

Pliers are essential to almost all faux floral arranging. You can use the side cutting function to break apart stems and save your hands from twisting wire on bows.

No. 2 Hammer & Screw Drivers

Whether hanging artwork or taking something apart these two tools are necessary and should be in everyone’s tool-kit. Be sure you get a interchangeable screwdriver or multiples in Philips head and straight.

No. 3 Cutting Tools

Scissors, box cutter, Exacto knife

I like to keep a variety of cutting tools on hand and scissors for specific purposes. For example, I have Ginger fabric scissors that do not get used for anything else but fabric. Scissors for paper and various other materials are necessary, and I like to keep a pair of zig zag scissors for paper crafts.

No. 4 Glues

Hot glue and gun, Modge Podge, and superglue

Obviously when decorating or crafting anything, you will need glue at some point!

No. 5 Measuring Tape

Obviously when decorating or crafting anything you will need to measure something at some point!

No. 6 Straight Pens

This may seem unusual but there are just times you need to pin a misbehaving ribbon in place! You can get them with a round head or no head depending on how you need to use them.

No. 7 String

Fishing line & colored twine

You just don’t think of string as being an essential tool for holiday decorating, but let me assure you it is very useful! One: you can string ornaments from railings, chandeliers, and windows with fishing line. Two: colored twine can be used to wrap presents, secure something where the string is visible, use as a garland, and create bows.

No. 8 Wire

Floral wire, wrapped wire, chenille pipe cleaners

Keeping a variety of wires on hand will make your crafting life so much easier!

No. 9 Various Tape

Clear tape (Scotch) & painter’s tape

Again this is a no brainer! Tape is just necessary to any and all decor crafts. I like to keep painter’s tape because it is easily removed, so if there is something I just need to hold in place for a few moments it works great.

10. Sanding Block

You just never know when you might need to paint something and prep the surface by sanding or file down some glue that ran away from you.

Other essentials for holiday decorating that I keep on hand include, floral foam both dry and wet types; paint brushes; markers; command hooks; and a paper trimmer for straight edges.

Whether you like to create your own ornaments, DIY your florals, bedazzle everything, or make wreaths these tools will help you deck the halls with ease!

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Layout of the 10 most useful tools for holiday decorating

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