The War in Syria

The War in Syria

Kurdish refugees on their way to shelters in Turkey as the Islamic State attacked the city of Kobani, Syria, in September 2014. Image via Bryan Denton for The New York Times

One of my personal resolutions this year is to appreciate everyday beauty, and for me that means noticing and being grateful for the little things in my life as well as the big things. With the recent coverage of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I have been reminded just how lucky I am to have these big and small blessings: a safe living environment, a roof over my head, food on my table, and relatively insignificant worries like what to cook for dinner versus from where will my next meal come.

Part of expressing this gratitude is helping others and contributing to worthy causes larger than myself. So today on P&P, I want us to focus on a world event that needs not just attention but some clarification as well as our aid. To that aim, I’ve assembled a list of articles about the war in Syria to help us understand it better and resources we can use to lend a hand.

To Understand the War in Syria

Image via Nations Online

Start Here

NY Times “Straightforward Answers to Basic Questions About Syria’s War” by Max Fisher Sept 18, 2016 – This article offers a straightforward explanation of the War in Syria, breaking down this very complicated conflict.

Alijazeera “Syria’s Civil War Explaned” by Al Jazeera Dec 14, 2016

BBC “Syria: The Story of the Conflict” Mar 11, 2016

On The Ground

NPR “In A Pro-Assad Stronghold, Security Comes at a Heavy Price” All Things Considered by Alice Fordham Dec. 12, 2016 – Examines the tragedy and loss in Syrian cities other than Aleppo.

The Economist “The Lessons from Aleppo’s Tragic Fate” Dec 17, 2016

CBS News 60 Minutes “Fighting for Life in Syria’s Vicious Civil War – The White Helmets” by Scott Pelley Dec. 18, 2016 – A look at an absolutely amazing civilian effort to deal with the bombing wreckage in Syria. This is the transcript of the 60 Minutes show.

NPR “The Little Boy in Aleppo: Can One Photo End a War?” by Malaka Gharib Aug 19, 2016


3RP Syria Regional Refugee Response – Facts and statistics about Syrian refugees.

The Conversation “Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon Face an Uncertain 2017” by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh Jan 3, 2017

NPR “In Toledo, Syrian Refugees Are Welcomed Amid a Difficult Immigration Climate” All Things Considered by Ari Shapiro Jan 4, 2017


The Conversation “How to Understand Syria’s ‘Proxy War’ and Who’s Fighting for Whom” by Simon Mabon Sept 29, 2016

The Conversation “A New World Order Takes Shape in the Wake of a Resurgent Russia” by Tony Walker Dec. 20, 2016


NPR “U.N. Security Council Supports Russia-Turkey Pease Efforts in Syria” The Two-Way by Maggie Penman Dec. 31, 2016

NY Times “How the War Ends in Syria” by Peter W. Galbraith Dec 6, 2016

How We Can Help

Business Connect “9 Ways You Can Help the Syrian Refugees NOW” by John Hawthorne Feb. 21, 2017

Global Citizen “15 Ways You Can Help Syrian Refugees” by Meghan Werft Dec. 14, 2016

UNICEF – Syrian Children

Huffington Post “Outraged by What’s Happening in Syria? Here’s What You Can Do” by Jesselyn Cook Dec 14, 2016


So far I’ve located my local refugee aid group by going to this website; I signed the Education Cannot Wait fund petition; I wrote a message to a refugee here; and I’ve researched where to donate.

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