Bring Chinoiserie Chic Style to Any Space

Are you a fan of the collected interior, de Gournay accessories, and rooms by the likes of Bunny Williams and Dorothy Draper? Well then, you are sure to love Chinoiserie chic style – a design aesthetic evident in all of the above.

What is Chinoiserie?

Chinoiserie /shin-wahz-ree/, French for Chinese-esque, is a design and décor style inspired by the art and culture of China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

It developed in Europe in the mid 1700’s as explorers and merchants began traveling to the far East and bringing back stories and drawings of this exotic locale as well as importing Asian silks, porcelain, and lacquerware. A craze for all things Asian soon swept Europe, and designers, artists, and craftsmen there started to create their own fanciful versions of these wares.

Chinoiserie has become a classic décor style popular in traditional Southern homes and more modern abodes. It is characterized by several key motifs, including Chinese figures, fantastical landscapes, dragons, pagodas, and romantic florals. Above all it is whimsical, bold, and exotic.

Collage of the Elements of Chinoiserie Chic, including bamboo chairs, pagodas, blue and white porcelain.

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A Modern Take on Chinoiserie Chic Style with LuxeDecor

Today, I’ve invited LuxeDecor to P&P to share their modern take on Chinoiserie chic style. LuxeDecor is a unique online showroom for high-end furnishings and decor. As you’ll see, one of the easiest ways to incorporate Chinoiserie in your home is to decorate with blue and white ceramics.

Chinoiserie chic style in the dining room. See more on this decorating style: blue and white porcelain, Chinese motifs, chinoiserie

Image via LuxeDecor

From lamps to ginger jars, porcelain pieces depicting Chinese motifs have enjoyed a status of chic relevance since the development of the Chinoiserie style. This look brings together ancient Chinese elements with a fresh Western perspective to a stunning effect. With pure white and indigo hues, oriental floral designs, and graceful silhouettes, the Chinoiserie style is unmistakable yet adaptable to a variety of interior aesthetics.

No matter the backdrop, Chinoiserie porcelain adds a dose of Eastern flair and timeless elegance to any room. Read on to learn how to bring Chinoiserie chic style to any dwelling.

Chinoiserie chic style in the dining room. See more on this decorating style: blue and white porcelain, Chinese motifs, chinoiserie

Image via LuxeDecor

Chinoiserie jars and vases bring a much-needed dose of color and visual interest to a neutral space. Here, a beige and tan backdrop offers the perfect canvas for a variety of Chinoiserie styles. Jars of varying sizes, shapes, and patterns bring an eclectic, far-flung ambiance to the room, without overwhelming a simple furniture arrangement. Gilded gold accents, carved chair backs, and large palm leaves add the finishing decorative touch.

Bohemian bedroom with chinoiserie elements

Image via LuxeDecor

A sharp departure from a neutral dining space, this eclectic bedroom ushers in all things whimsical and eccentric. From a postmodern porcelain statue to bedside tree branches, a Chinoiserie vase and ginger jar look right at home in this spirited, bohemian setting. Marked by rich indigo hues, Chinoiserie blue reads almost as a neutral alongside more colorful pieces, adding balance and polish to the look. These ceramics are unmistakably Chinoiserie in style, but they blend perfectly with contemporary patterns and modern trends.

Beautiful blue and white living room with chinoiserie chic style elements

Image via LuxeDecor

Often styled as lamps, Chinoiserie porcelain can add both form and function to a room. Here, a traditional ginger jar lamp appears effortless beside blue and white pillows and decor. The geometric sofa frame pattern and tall palm plant give this space a tropical vibe, while rich blue hues tie everything together. A drink tray with glasses, coffee table books, and a cozy oriental rug warm up this space for an inviting living arrangement.


Guest post by Amelia Ohm for LuxeDecor

Chinoiserie chic decorating tips collage with dining room and accents


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  2. Julie on October 4, 2019 at 7:47 am

    I absolutely love chinoiserie! Makes my little Southern heart go pitter pat! In my Arch History class I did a little essay about why Chinoiserie and the South go hand and hand. Did you know that Charleston sea port imported more goods from China and the Orient than any other seaport in the colonies and states? So our Southern association with chinoiserie runs long and deep!

    Plus it’s a classic! You can always jazz up a space with some ginger jars and foo dog! My grandmother had these opium statues that I was obsessed with when I was a kid! I just thought they were so elegant and so mysterious at the same time! Lol! Now I know they were just a reproduction her designer got for her when he did the room, but as a kid they were so special!

    Love the post and love the boards!

    • Katherine on October 8, 2019 at 8:12 am

      Julie, thanks for sharing that about Charleston. I knew they were a major port for European goods, etc. but not in regards to China. Chinoiserie is absolutely a classic, and it has such versatility and interest. It is funny how such a small thing from our youth can influence our tastes and style so significantly!

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