An Old Fashioned Recipe Box

There is nothing quite so charming as a handwritten recipe card!

One of the new accessories I picked out for my newly renovated kitchen and dining room is a recipe box from Rifle Paper Co. I’ve created a lot of our favorite recipes spur of the moment, using the cooking wisdom I’ve garnered over the years watching my mother and grandmother; sometimes, it’s simple things like changing a couple ingredients in an existing recipe. Usually, I can remember what I’ve thrown together and re-create it, but lately I’ve felt the need to start capturing these recipes, and I wanted an organization system to help me record these meals and other recipes I find on pinterest or the food network.

The other weekend I took a leisurely Sunday morning to get started filling out my recipe cards. The lovely pot of tea and soft drizzle of rain outside created the perfect atmosphere.

Recipe Box 1




Recipe Box 3


Recipe Box- Roast Chicken


Recipe Box- Roast Chicken 3


Recipe Box- Roast Chicken 2

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