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Catching up…

Pender & Peony has been inexplicably silent lately, and I’m sorry. There are a billion and one excuses I could blame it on: work, which has been unusually hectic, or our house renovation, or even our latest family addition — Henry ( an utterly adorable rascal for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). None of this really adds up to total silence.  All I can really say is I’ve felt uninspired and had a case of the winter blues — the ho…humdrums.

But spring is here. The yellowbells are blooming, and soon our tulips in the front yard will be up too. Couple that with our kitchen renovation nearing completion, and the world seems much brighter and inspiring. Here are some snapshots from the last couple of months:


Henry Dash Medlin in all his charming cuteness


Kitchen renovation and re-decorating dining room


Antique Persian rugs at Metrolina Expo


Rug shopping


Le Meridien grand opening in March


Birthday cocktails and flowers


Title wall for Halston & Warhol at The Mint Museum


My first exhibition as lead registrar






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