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williamsburg bridge - 20
NYC Skyline

In September, my soul mates and I hit the Big Apple for our 10 year anniversary of meeting each other.  This may sound a little odd, but when four friends meet each other as first-years in college and make it through the roller coaster that is collegiate education and then remain close afterwards it is definitely something to celebrate.  We all lived in the same dorm on the same hall that first year, and I attribute this happy circumstance to fate, since it certainly was not those ridiculous roommate questionnaires that brought us together.

This was my first trip to NYC, so of course I wanted to hit up the iconic spots to enjoy the “quintessential” New York experience.  Some of these may not be truly iconic, since many of my New York references come from studying art history, reading the diaries of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and of course Sex and the City. But for me it was great to actually step foot on the great stairs of the Met or stroll along in Central Park; ride the subway and see the Brownstones.  So here are some snapshots of those emblematic locales:

Sep 2014 Photo Stream - 111
Central Park


metropolitan museum of art
Metropolitan Museum of Art


untitled event - 02
Rockefeller Center


untitled event - 06
Radio City Music Hall


untitled event - 10
Brooklyn Brownstones


untitled event - 52
The Subway


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