Bar Tray Inspirations

As we prepare to host all of those wonderful seasonal parties and events, here are some bar tray inspirations to rejuvenate your home bar area. For the first tray I was inspired by a modern aesthetic that values clean lines, bold pops of color, and industrial elements. Can you believe that the tray and stand is only $49! The second bar tray appeals to my love of vintage with romantic touches like floral handkerchiefs turned into cocktail napkins and an antique silver tray. This style is all about curves and tradition, so serve a bold red wine or classic old fashioned on this tray.

modern bar idea 2


1. CB2 stainless steel snack bowls $10.95-19.95; 2. Zara checked glass $6.90; 3. One Kings Lane “V is for Vodka” $20; 4. Beverage Factory gold lustrum 8oz. cocktail shaker $21; 5. Mark & Graham classic hand-blown ice bucket $45; 6. CB2 formosa white tray table $49.95; 7. Crate&Barrel orb bar tools $5.95-$9.95; 8. Crate&Barrel mingle bar glass $7; 9. SweetLulu paper straws in grape $4

romantic bar tray 2



1. One Kings Lane 26” dowager tray $69.00; 2. One Kings Lane 12” bamboo candlestick; 3. Zara handkerchief $16.90; 4. Crate&Barrel ivory marble wine cooler $29.95; 5. Wasserstrom mahogany tray stand $56.48; 6. CB2 Cheval clear wine glass $4.50; 7. Jayes cocktail napkin tray $14


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