A Floral Finish

While browsing One Kings Lane’s latest collection “Fabulous Finishes,” I was struck by the table below. The floral motif is loud, wonderfully impressionistic, and quirky — all the things I love! Unfortunately, it just won’t fit anywhere in my home, but I couldn’t resist styling it as a side board/ bar for a dining room.

floral finish

1. Knot Table Lamp Set, Green $229; 2. Michael Hansen, The French Bee, 11” Faux Hydrangea in Vase $99; 3. Set of 4 Polka Dot Place Mats, Navy $29; 4. Brass Laurel Leaf Mirror $189; 5. Steven Shell Valerie Nightstand, Pink/Green $419; 6. Whiskey Tumblers set of 4 $125; 7. 20” Ottoman Tray Blue/Gold Leaf Lattice $44; 8. Small Pink Crystal Ice Object $165; 9. 14oz Flower Box Tuscan Garden Candle $22.



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