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Southernisms: Mama Always Said…

Southern mamas' advice - The best words of wisdom from our Southern mamas - take them to heart!

Southern mamas’ advice – the best words of wisdom from our Southern mamas – take them to heart! As y’all know, Southern mamas are brimming over with important pearls of wisdom, and in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend I’m sharing some of my favorite Southern mamas’ advice from my own family.  After all, “Mama …

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Hunting the Perfect Christmas Tree

Explore my Southern Christmas Home on the Simply Seasonal blog hop: Christmas decorating tips, holiday decor, boxwood wreaths, mantle decor, garland, plaid

A beautifully lit Christmas tree with ornaments scattered amongst the branches is pure Christmas magic.  Decorating the tree is one of my favorite parts about the holidays.  I love how a Christmas tree transforms the room, and the way it ignites memories of Christmases long past. I grew up on a Christmas tree farm. You …

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My Southern Christmas Home

My Southern Christmas home and mantle with pine and boxwood garland and boxwood wreath

I’m teaming up with Caroline from Organize Nashville and 27 other bloggers to share our Christmas decorating ideas in the Simply Seasonal: Holiday Edition blog hop!  We are opening our doors to give you a glimpse at how we decorate for Christmas and make the season merry and bright.  I’ve listed links to the other …

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Etiquette Guide — The Art of Receiving a Call

The Art of Receiving a Call: Rule No. 4 Always Offer Refreshments. Get more etiquette tips on penderandpeony.com

I was inspired to write The Art of Paying a Call after accompanying my mother on her round of social visits. Not only did I observe her behavior as the caller, but also how we were greeted and welcomed by our hostess/host. But while writing this etiquette guide, The Art of Receiving a Call, I …

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Etiquette Guide – The Art of Paying a Call

The Art of Paying a Call Print. Master these rules at penderandpeony.com

So…I couldn’t resist creating a cute little print to go with my earlier post about the rules of paying a call in the South.  Just think of this as a quick etiquette guide! Want to read the full rules? I would love to hear your opinion! Did I cover everything? Is there a ritual you …

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