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Color Scheming: Why I Chose a Home Color Scheme

515 Vista Color Scheme. See more at penderandpeony.com

Choosing paint colors, as I’m sure you agree, is one of the most fun and difficult aspects of home decorating.  You get to play around with color and use your imagination.  Plus paint collections have such creative names — who doesn’t want their walls tradewind blue or sea salt gray or indigo batik?  But this …

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The Benefits of a Home Design Collage

A Home Design Collage is really useful. Learn more at penderandpeony.com

I  Southern Living, and I know y’all to do! This month’s issue featured the Southern Living 50th Anniversary Idea House.  Its gorgeous. Go check it out if you haven’t.  Anyway the spread inspired me to do an actual home design collage or mood board instead of just a digital one for my whole house. …

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