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My Top 5 Healthy Living Strategies

5 Healthy Living Strategies to help you feel better, have more energy, and adopt a healthy lifestyle!

5 Healthy Living Strategies to help you feel better, have more energy, and adopt a healthy lifestyle! Are you trying to eat and live more healthy? Me too, but sometimes it seems so complicated and practically impossible! We are bombarded by healthy eating advice, scientific findings, new diet crazes, and of course surrounded by junk food …

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Host a Glamorous Golden Globes Party

Invite girlfriends over for a glamorous Golden Globes party. Get inspired with these party ideas featuring DIY popcorn cones, gold balloons, and tassel garland.

Invite your girlfriends over for a glamorous Golden Globes party: ogle the red carpet looks; munch on some healthy and decadent snacks; and pop the bubbly. Awards show season is here! Kick it off with a bang by hosting a viewing party for the 74th Annual Golden Globes.  From tassel garland and giant gold balloons …

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A Healthy Eating Philosophy via Michael Pollan

Read Food Rules by Michael Pollan to help you develop a healthy eating philosophy. You will be inspired by his food rules to eat clean and develop healthy eating habits.

Don’t let dieting advice and convoluted nutritional science keep you from creating a simple, healthy eating philosophy. Healthy eating – it is an American obsession. We pursue complicated diets, telling us to eat this not that. We pour over food labels and nutrition guides. We rely on scientific experts to tell us what is healthy …

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7 Tips to an Organized Pantry + My Southern Pantry Essentials

7 Tips to a well-stocked and organized pantry. Make eating home cooked, healthy meals easier and quicker with these pantry organization tips. Plus get my southern pantry essentials list.

Eat more healthy, home cooked meals with a well-stocked and organized pantry. Healthy eating is an important component to embrace gracious living. If we eat a healthy, vegetable rich diet, we feel better, we have more energy, and we see the doctor less – we all know there are countless benefits. Plus, when we feel …

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Canning Carrot Pickles with The Domestic Wildflower

Try this easy canning recipe for carrot pickles. Get it on penderandpeony.com

It’s the dog days of summer. The country kitchen is sweltering, and long wooden spoons are constantly swirling inside stainless steel pots. Sleeves are bunched around elbows, and apron strings are tightly knotted. We turn our heads to catch a breeze that softly billows out the gingham curtains. And when those jar lids start popping …

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