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The Benefits of a Home Design Collage

I  Southern Living, and I know y’all to do! This month’s issue featured the Southern Living 50th Anniversary Idea House.  Its gorgeous. Go check it out if you haven’t.  Anyway the spread inspired me to do an actual home design collage or mood board instead of just a digital one for my whole house. …

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Liberate Your Walls! Wallpaper Removal Tips

Have you been putting off wallpaper removal in your house? Do you find a million other things to do every time you think of tackling it? Is the fetal position one of them? Well, if your growing accustomed to those acid colored daises in the kitchen or you find yourself naming those cute little ducks …

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Master Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom Design Board

We are about to hit the four month mark living in our new house!  While S. is busy replacing all of the old technical/electrical systems, I am daydreaming about decor and tackling the dated wallpaper.  In general, I have vague ideas for what each room in the house will look like or how it will …

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Remodeling and Decor Inspirations

We’ve officially been in our new house two months!  Here are some design inspirations for our remodeling plans:                   As I finish this post, some important design themes are popping out at me: First, my desire for a black, white, and gold color scheme in the bathrooms …

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New Adventures in Tennessee

In March S. and I embarked on a tremendous change.  We left good ole Caroline for the Tennessee foothills.  That’s right I no longer live under a Carolina sky.  We’ve traded our blue for orange, and we are learning the lyrics to “Rocky Top.”  But the view of the Appalachian valley from our new house …

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